Duke Diamond


I grew up farming tomatoes and almost anything a person could grow. Growing things has always been a passion of mine, especially cannabis. Cannabis has always fascinated me with its immense diversity and the pioneers who began breeding programs to refine their specific variety’s. I have always had the desire to continue the evolution of the plant and move cannabis genetics forward instead of settling for popular hybrids or simply to have something no one else had.

I began seriously growing and breeding cannabis in the mid-90s, paired with my copy of Robert Clarke’s ‘Marijuana Botany’, and soon thereafter began working in the footsteps of my mentors Mr. Soul and Subcool. I was fortunate enough to have a endless wealth of knowledge passed to me from pioneers in the field and between that knowledge and my experience, I focused on doing work – cultivating, breeding and learning. Before meeting both Subcool and Soul on Overgrow all those years ago, I was growing classic varieties of Skunk, Hashplant, Northern Lights and Afghani in the woods of central and southern Virginia.

With the laws finally changing I am very pleased to say I am back to work full time to bring you all my true passion – our beloved plant cannabis. We have the momentum! Let’s keep moving cannabis forward! Thank y’all for the support.