How to purchase

for more info, contact BGS at

Do you ship seeds?

Please check our list of approved vendors at

How do I get a wholesale account?

Brothers Grimm Seeds is currently negotiating contracts with several distribution outlets. Please send us an email to if you would like to carry our products.

Where can I get your seeds?

Most people order online from our authorized vendors listed here Buy Our Seeds where you’ll also find a list of events where you can meet us and buy our seeds in person. And of course you can always email us here with your specific questions

What are the expected germination rates?

Germination rates are of critical importance and all seeds lines are regularly tested for consistency above 90% (when appropriate germination techniques are used).

While we can not offer guarantees on germination rates, or promise that every seed in every pack will germinate, should customers experience low germination rates or are disappointed in our product in any way – please contact the Customer Service department with their feedback and give us the chance to make it right.

How should I store my seeds if I am not going to grow them immediately?

Seeds should always be kept dry, cool (close to 40º F if possible) and dark. You should not store seeds in the freezer. The refrigerator is a decent place, preferably inside a film canister, to avoid light and moisture condensation.
Ensure your seeds are not exposed to moisture, heat or excesses of light.

How long can I store my seeds before they are no good?

If stored in cool, dark, dry and airtight conditions your seeds should be fresh for a minimum of 2 years and still maintain consistent germination rates. Storage time can be increased by storing seeds in the fridge.
Always ensure the seeds are in a well sealed container.

Can you explain the ‘cubing’ process used to make the Cinderella?

The breeding technique called “cubing” (because there are 3 backcrosses involved) works as follows:

1. Pollinate a flowering clone of the chosen female with the pollen of a related male, preferably her father or a brother – to preserve any female traits that are linked to the male side of the family. An unrelated male won’t have the Y-chromosome of the chosen female’s family & therefore any Y-linked traits of the family will always be missing in the seed line. The resulting seeds contain 1/2 the original female’s genes and 1/2 those of the male.

2. Grow the above seeds & flower them.

3. Pollinate a flowering clone of the chosen female with pollen from a male selected from the above group. These seeds contain 1/2 the chosen female’s genes plus 1/4 more from the male being 1/2 her genetics too. I call this first back-cross generation .75 to capture the idea that it’s 3/4 of the original female’s genetics.

4. Grow the above seeds & flower them.

5. Pollinate a flowering clone of the chosen female, using a selected male from the above generation. These seeds contain 7/8 the original genes (1/2+3/8), so this second back-cross is the .88 generation.

6. Grow the above seeds & flower them.

7. Pollinate a flowering clone of the original female with pollen from a selected male off the above generation. These seeds contain 15/16 the original genes (1/2+7/16), in other words, so we’ll call this third back-cross the “.94” generation.

Theoretically, this will be a stable, true-breeding seed line from which all females are replicas of the original.

Will Brothers Grimm be re-releasing X strain?

We are actively working with many of our classic genetics, rare historical legends and new cultivars for our projects. Please see us at the events or keep an eye on our website to stay in the loop.

Can I become a tester for Brothers Grimm?

We do the majority of our testing in-house. If we are in need of testers, we will reach out via email or social media.

Do you have ‘feminized’ seed available?

Yes we do.

How many seeds per pack?

12 seeds per regular pack and 8 seeds per feminized pack.