Michigan: 360,000 Signatures Submitted to Place Marijuana Legalization on 2018 Ballot | Paul Armentano Proponents of a Michigan voter initiative effort to legalize and regulate the personal use and retail sale of cannabis turned in on Monday more than 360,000 signatures in an effort to qualify the... more
Highlights of California’s Rules and Regulations for the Legal Marijuana Market | Phillip Smith When California initiates legal marijuana commerce on January 1, it will be the world’s largest legal pot economy. Now, just weeks away, we’re finally seeing the rules that are going to govern the... more
Medical Marijuana Patients More Likely to Stop Using Opioids vs Non-Participants | Paul Armentano Chronic pain patients enrolled in a statewide medical cannabis access program are significantly more likely to either reduce or cease their use of opioids as compared to non-enrolled patients suffering... more
Many Medical Marijuana Patients Stop Using Opioids, Survey Finds | Paul Armentano CHICAGO, IL — More than two out of three medical marijuana patients substitute cannabis in place of opioids, according to survey data compiled by Aclara Research, a Chicago-based consulting firm. Sixty-seven percent... more
Study: Oral THC Mitigates Symptoms of Sleep Apnea | NORML CHICAGO, IL — The use of oral THC mitigates sleep apnea symptoms compared to placebo, according to clinical trial data published online ahead of print in the journal Sleep. Investigators at the University of Illinois at Chicago assessed the... more
New Jersey Governor-Elect Pledges Passage of Adult Use Marijuana Legalization | NORML TRENTON, NJ — New Jersey Governor-Elect Phil Murphy campaigned on a pledge to legalize and regulate the adult use of cannabis in New Jersey. The incoming Democrat governor replaces Chris Christie, a Republican,... more
Blacks Disproportionately Arrested for Minor Marijuana Offenses in Buffalo | NORML BUFFALO, NY — African Americans in the New York city of Buffalo (population 257,000) are disproportionately arrested for low-level marijuana possession offenses, according to an analysis of arrest data by the... more
Study: CBD Products Sold Online Are Often Mislabeled | NORML PHILADELPHIA, PA — Retail products marketed and sold online as CBD extracts are typically mislabeled with regard to their potency and ingredients, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. A... more
New York PTSD Patients Now Eligible for Cannabis Therapy | NORML ALBANY, NY — Legislation signed into law on Saturday permits patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be eligible to receive medicinal cannabis products. Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed S.5629/A.7006 into law... more
NORML Needs Your Help to Protect Medical Marijuana Patients from Jeff Sessions | Erik Altieri During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions admitted his Department of Justice would be required to abide by budget amendments that restrict their use of... more
NY: Buffalo Report Shows Stark Marijuana Arrest Disparities | Drug Policy Alliance BUFFALO, NY — On Tuesday, the Partnership for the Public Good, a Buffalo community-based think tank, introduced a report highlighting marijuana arrest disparities in Buffalo, New York. The report, Advancing Racial... more
Medical Marijuana Study: 70% of CBD Products Inaccurately Labelled | Americans for Safe Access WASHINGTON, DC — A new study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that nearly 70 percent of all cannabidiol (CBD) products sold online are either over or... more
New York Finally Adds PTSD as Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana | TJ Baker ALBANY, NY — On Veterans Day, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law that will finally allow patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to access medical marijuana in New York. The bill (A.... more
Survey: More Than One in Five Military Vets Uses Marijuana Medicinally | NORML INDIANAPOLIS, IN — More than one in five military veterans engage in the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, according to nationwide survey data conducted on behalf of The American Legion. The American Legion is... more
Report: Domestic Hemp Production More Than Doubles in Past Year | NORML WASHINGTON, DC — Domestic hemp production increased dramatically from 2016 to 2017, according to data compiled by the advocacy organization Vote Hemp. The group calculates that US farmers cultivated over 23,000 acres of hemp in... more
Legalizing Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Teen Use (Another) Study Finds | NORML NEW YORK, NY — The enactment of medical marijuana laws is not associated with any increase in marijuana use by those ages 12 to 25, and is not associated with any increase in problematic cannabis use by any age... more
Election 2017: Ohio City Completely Depenalizes Marijuana | NORML ATHENS, OH — The Athens Cannabis Ordinance – better known as “TACO” – to completely remove all penalties for possessing, cultivating, and gifting of up to 200 grams of marijuana was approved by voters on election day by a vote of 77... more
Election 2017: Amesbury, MA Voters Reject Ban on Marijuana Stores | Marijuana Policy Project BOSTON, MA — In a local election held Tuesday, Amesbury voters rejected a proposed ban on marijuana retail stores by a margin of 2,046 to 1,133. Last November, 58% of Amesbury voters approved the 2016... more
Election 2017: Pro-Legalization Phil Murphy Wins NJ Governor Race | NORML TRENTON, NJ — After making the legalization of marijuana a core issue in both his primary and general election campaigns, Democratic candidate Phil Murphy has claimed victory in the New Jersey gubernatorial election over... more
Election Night 2017: Marijuana Races to Watch | Erik Altieri It is once again election night in America. While 2017 doesn’t feature any statewide marijuana initiatives, there are still a number of races to watch tonight that will impact marijuana law reform efforts across the nation. Virginia... more