New Hampshire’s Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect | Marijuana Policy Project CONCORD, NH — New Hampshire’s bill decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana officially took effect on Saturday, making New Hampshire the 22nd state in the nation — and the last of the New England... more
While Trump Moves Backward on Drug Sentencing, California Heads for More Reforms | Phillip Smith The Trump Justice Department under prohibitionist Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviving some of the drug war’s worst sentencing practices — mandatory minimum sentences, charging low-level... more
Study: Trauma Patients Report Marijuana Helps Reduce Opioid Use | NORML BOSTON, MA — Patients who have used medical cannabis following musculoskeletal injury report that it relieves pain symptoms and reduces their level of opioid intake, according to survey data published online ahead of print in... more
Medical Marijuana Protections Temporarily Extended | NORML WASHINGTON, DC — President Donald Trump reached an agreement late last week with Congressional leadership to enact a three-month continuing resolution that maintains present federal spending levels and priorities through December 8, 2017.... more
Marijuana Exposure Associated With Improved Immunity in HIV Patients | NORML PETERSBURG, VA — Patients with HIV who test positive for past cannabis exposure possess significantly higher CD4+ and CD8+ counts than do those patients who test negative for the substance, according to data published in... more
Federal Survey: Youth Marijuana Use Continues to Decline | NORML ROCKVILLE, MD — Fewer young people today identify as current users of cannabis as compared to 2002, according to national survey data released last week by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental... more
Surprise! House Votes to Curb Sessions’ Asset Forfeiture Revival | Phillip Smith WASHINGTON, DC — In a surprise move, the House voted virtually unanimously Tuesday to  curb federal asset forfeitures, a slap in the face to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions had reinstated a federal civil asset... more
Roger Stone Yanked as Cannabis Conference Keynoter | Phillip Smith Long-time Republican political trickster and Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone’s gig as the keynote speaker at Los Angeles and Boston marijuana expos has been canceled after news of his participation roiled the cannabis community.... more
Congress Passes Three Month Budget Continuation; Marijuana Protections Included | NORML In a quick deal between President Trump and Congress, a three-month budget continuing resolution will be in effect until December 8, 2017, maintaining current spending levels. While this seems mundane (it is),... more
Teen Marijuana Use; Treatment Admissions Fall in Washington State Post-Legalization | NORML OLYMPIA, WA — The regulation of adult cannabis use in Washington is not associated with any increase in teens’ marijuana consumption or abuse rates, according to a report to the state legislature compiled by... more
Study Finds Little Evidence to Support Claims that Legal Marijuana is Diverted to Illegal States | NORML SAN DIEGO, CA — There is little evidence to substantiate claims that large quantities of cannabis produced legally in adult use states are being diverted to neighboring jurisdictions where the... more
Teen Marijuana Use at Lowest Level Since 2002, Government Survey Shows | Marijuana Policy Project WASHINGTON, DC — The annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health released Thursday by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that teen marijuana use rates... more
Study: Military Veterans More Likely to Consume Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes | NORML ANN ARBOR, MI — Nearly half of military veterans who report having used cannabis in the past year did so for medical purposes, according to data published online ahead of print in the journal Addictive... more
House Committee Denies Vote on Medical Marijuana Protection Amendment | Marijuana Policy Project WASHINGTON, DC — An amendment that would keep the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana programs was voted “out of order” by the House Rules Committee on Wednesday,... more
House Rules Committee Blocks Multiple Marijuana Amendments | NORML Late Wednesday night, the House Rules Committee, led by prohibitionist Representative Pete Sessions (R-TX), blocked multiple amendments related to marijuana from receiving consideration by the full House, thus ending their... more
Bullshit Alert: The Border Wall Won’t Stop Drug Smuggling | Phillip Smith Donald Trump sure loves his border wall. It was a staple of his campaign rhetoric, and despite Mexico’s firm insistence that there is no way it’s ever going to pay for it, Trump’s desire for it is unabated. Now, he’s... more
Delaware Marijuana Legalization Task Force to Hold First Public Meeting | Marijuana Policy Project DOVER, DE — The task force created by the Delaware Legislature to study the best way for the state to regulate and tax marijuana for adult use will hold its first meeting on Wednesday in Dover. The... more
Mass. Legalization Advocates Seek Assurances From Cannabis Control Commission | Marijuana Policy Project BOSTON, MA — The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the group behind the marijuana legalization measure passed by voters last November, said today that the newly appointed Cannabis Control... more
Proposed Congressional Amendment Would Limit Federal Interference of State Marijuana Laws | NORML WASHINGTON, DC — Representatives Tom McClintock (R-CA) and Jared Polis (D-CO) have introduced an amendment that, if passed, would disallow the Department of Justice to use funds from Congress to... more
Bonamici Files Amendment Preventing Federal Interference of State Hemp Laws | NORML WASHINGTON, DC — Representative Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) has introduced an amendment to the House appropriations bill that, if passed, would not allow funds to be used to prevent states from implementing their own... more