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Governor Cuomo 30-day Budget Amendment to Ban “Synthetic Marijuana” Is Wrongheaded Approach | Drug Policy Alliance The Drug Policy Alliance strongly opposes Governor Cuomo’s call to further criminalize the sale of synthetic cannabinoids, also referred to as “synthetic marijuana” or “K2.” Such laws... more
DEA’s Internal Review Process Results in Removal of Misinformation About Cannabis From Website | Beth Collins WASHINGTON, DC — In a letter dated January 26th, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to medical cannabis for... more
Thousands of Citations Have Been Issued Since Rhode Island Decriminalized Marijuana Possession | Marijuana Policy Project SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI — A new report compiled by Peter Phipps, a professor of journalism at the University of Rhode Island, and students in his Media and Law course found that... more
Bill to Allow Judicial Discretion to Order Probation for Non-Violent Drug Offenses Introduced in CA State Senate | Drug Policy Alliance The California State Legislature will consider a bill to allow judges to order probation, rather than jail or prison for persons convicted of possessing drugs,... more
House Judiciary Democrats Call for Marijuana Hearing | Justin Strekal WASHINGOTON, DC — On Wednesday in Washington, DC, Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), requesting a hearing on the recent revocation of the Cole Memo by... more
Medical Marijuana is Safe and Effective for Elderly Patients, Study Finds | Paul Armentano Cannabis therapy is safe and effective among elderly patients diagnosed with chronic pain, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the European Journal of Internal Medicine. Researchers... more
Right now the map of Europe, from a cannabis cultivation perspective at least, is shaping up to be very much like a game of Risk. Throw the dice, move your armies (or more accurately line up your financing), and apply for federal import and cultivation licenses. In the process, all sorts of... more
Six States That Could Change Marijuana Laws at the Ballot Box This Year | Phillip Smith While marijuana reform efforts continue at an excruciatingly slow pace in state legislatures — Vermont became the first state to free the weed at the statehouse just last month — the initiative and referendum... more
As many US States and Canadian provinces approach legalization of cannabis, the question of regulatory oversight has become a pressing issue. While public awareness is mainly focused on issues like age restrictions and impaired driving, there is another practical question to consider: should... more
Virginia Paves Road for Medical Marijuana in Conservative States | Americans for Safe Access RICHMOND, VA — On Monday, the Virginia General Assembly Senate passed SB726 by a vote of 40 to 0. Last week, the companion bill passed the House of Delegates unanimously by a vote of 98-0. The joint... more
Status Report: The Impact of Legalizing Marijuana for Adults | Paul Armentano The legalization and regulation of marijuana for adults is associated with a drastic reduction in overall arrests, increased tax revenue, and is not adversely impacting public health or safety, according to a... more
FDA Grants ‘Priority Review’ of Plant-Derived CBD Extract | NORML WASHINGTON, DC — Representatives of the US Food and Drug Administration will undertake a ‘priority review‘ of data specific to the safety and efficacy of Epidiolex, a standardized, plant-derived CBD extract formulated by a British... more
Study: Marijuana Use Doesn’t Negatively Impact Human Fertility | NORML BOSTON, MA — Marijuana use does not negatively impact fertility rates in either men or women, according to data published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Investigators at Boston University’s School of Public... more
New Mexico’s Marijuana Legalization Resolution Passes Out of Senate Rules Committee | Drug Policy Alliance SANTA FE, NM – On Friday, a legislative committee voted in favor of taxing and regulating marijuana in New Mexico. On a vote of 4-3 New Mexico State Senator Ortiz y Pino’s (D-12-Bernalillo)... more
Thousands of Californians to Have Their Marijuana Convictions Dismissed | NORML SAN FRANCISCO, CA — San Francisco city officials announced plans Wednesday to begin reviewing and automatically expunging thousands of past marijuana possession convictions. The District Attorney’s office says that it... more
Study: Marijuana Smoke Exposure Not Linked to Poor Lung Health | NORML AURORA, CO —  Long-term exposure to cannabis smoke is not associated with significant adverse effects on pulmonary function, according to clinical data published in the journal Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. A team of... more
Maine Marijuana Moratorium Measure Expires | Paul Armentano AUGUSTA, ME — Emergency legislation enacted in January 2017 to delay the implementation of several provisions of Question 1: The Marijuana Legalization Act has expired as of Thursday. Proposed legislation in Maine’s House of... more
Marijuana Use Helps Reduce Risk of Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease, According to New Study | NORML SALEM, MA — Cannabis use appears to be protective against liver disease progression in subjects who frequently consume alcohol, according to data published online ahead of print in the journal Liver... more
San Francisco District Attorney’s Office to Dismiss Thousands of Past Marijuana Convictions | NORML SAN FRANCISCO, CA — City officials have announced plans to automatically expunge thousands of past marijuana possession convictions. The San Francisco District Attorney’s office says that it will... more
New Mexico Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill | Drug Policy Alliance SANTA FE, NM — New Mexico State Representative Javier Martinez has introduced a proposal to tax and regulate marijuana.  The bill, House Bill 312, was introduced Wednesday. New Mexico’s current marijuana policies are widely... more