Virginia State Crime Commission Holds Hearing on Decriminalization | Justin Strekal On Monday, October 30th, I took a short trip down to Richmond, Virginia to testify alongside Virginia NORML regarding proposals to decriminalize the personal possession of marijuana, in order for those who are... more
Congressional Lawmakers Demand the VA Study Medical Marijuana | Paul Armentano Members of the US House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs are demanding the Department of Veterans Affairs facilitate protocols to assess the efficacy of medical cannabis in veterans suffering from chronic pain and post-... more
Parkinson’s Patients Report Long-Term Benefits from Medical Marijuana | NORML TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Patients with Parkinson’s disease report long-term therapeutic benefits from the daily use of medical cannabis, according to data published online ahead of print in the journal Clinical... more
Peru Lawmakers Approve Legislation to Regulate Medical Cannabis Oils | NORML LIMA, PERU — Lawmakers have approved legislation to oversee the production and regulation of certain cannabis-derived oil products. Passage of the measure comes months after lawmakers had depenalized activities specific to... more
Maine Governor Under Pressure to Sign Marijuana Regulation Bill | Marijuana Policy Project PORTLAND, ME — Marijuana advocates are calling on Gov. Paul LePage to let the marijuana regulation and implementation bill approved by the legislature become law. On Monday, the legislature passed LD 1650,... more
Colorado’s Top Doc Debunks Fears of Marijuana Legalization | Paul Armentano Contrary to the claims of many marijuana prohibitionists, regulating the adult use of cannabis in Colorado has not been associated with any significant adverse effects on public safety. So affirmed Colorado’s top doctor,... more
Jeff Sessions: We Will Do Our Best to Enforce the Laws as We’re Required to Do | Justin Strekal In an interview with conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reiterated his position against marijuana, his commitment to enforcing its prohibition, and expressed an... more
Maine Governor Threatens to Veto Bill Regulating Voter-Approved Marijuana Sales | NORML AUGUSTA, ME — Republican Gov. Paul LePage has threatened to veto legislation regulating the production and sales of cannabis to adults. Members of the House and Senate approved the legislation this week during a... more
Connecticut Poll Shows 71% Support for Legalizing Marijuana | Marijuana Policy Project HARTFORD, CT — A new poll by Sacred Heart University shows that 71% of Connecticut residents support legalizing and taxing marijuana. The poll was conducted on October 3-12 and surveyed 1,000 Connecticut... more
All Time High: Two-Thirds of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization | NORML A record percentage of American voters support reforming the nation’s marijuana laws, including majorities of Democrats, Independents, and for the first time ever, Republicans, according to polling data released by Gallup... more
New Gallup Poll Finds Record 64% Support for Legalizing Marijuana in US | Marijuana Policy Project WASHINGTON — A new Gallup poll released Wednesday shows support for making marijuana legal in the U.S. has reached a record level of 64%, up from 60% last year and 50% in 2011. This year’s national... more
Maine Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Regulation and Implementation Bill | Marijuana Policy Project AUGUSTA, ME — On Monday, Maine lawmakers approved a bill that would establish regulations for the legal marijuana market, with the House voting 81-50 and the Senate voting 22-9 before both chambers... more
Study: Cannabis Use Inversely Associated With Fatty Liver Disease | Paul Armentano Adults with a history of cannabis use are less likely to suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) than are those who have not used the substance, according to data published online in the journal PLoS... more
Medical Marijuana Programs Associated With Reductions in Violent Crimes | NORML HAVERFORD, PA — Medical cannabis regulatory programs are associated with reductions in the prevalence of certain types of violent crimes, according to a thesis paper published online on the International Scholar website... more
Amidst Controversy Over Anthem Protests, NFL Endorses Drug Sentencing Reform | Phillip Smith Caught up between players who insist on exercising their right to call out racial injustice in a manner of their choice and a scapegoating president who demands the league stifle what he deems unpatriotic... more
Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Advocates Urge Towns to Allow Regulated Businesses, Follow Marshfield Example | Marijuana Policy Project BOSTON, MA — Towns passing legal cannabis bans and moratoriums are guaranteeing continued market control by criminals and street dealers, the group behind... more
Senate Heavyweights File Sentencing Reform Bill | Phillip Smith A bipartisan group of Senate heavy-hitters have filed a bill aimed at reducing the swollen federal prison population by moving away from harsh mandatory minimum drug sentences, among other reforms. But it’s not completely reformist.... more
Wine Country Fires Hit Northern California Pot Industry Hard | Phillip Smith The wildfires raging through Northern California’s Wine Country these past weeks have killed at least 41 people, left dozens missing, and thousands burned out of their homes. They have also put a significant hurt on the... more
Controversial New Hampshire Marijuana Study Commission to Hold First Meeting Tuesday | Marijuana Policy Project CONCORD, NH — On Tuesday, the inaugural meeting of New Hampshire’s marijuana legalization study commission will take place in Concord. The commission, which was created by the passage of... more
In Pennsylvania, Blacks Are 8 Times More Likely Than Whites to Be Arrested for Marijuana Possession | Justin Strekal African Americans in Pennsylvania are over eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession offenses than are Caucasians, according to an analysis of statewide arrest... more