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Opioid Use Declines Among Pain Patients in Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Program | NORML ST. PAUL,  MN — Patients with intractable pain reduce their use of prescription opioids following cannabis therapy, according to data compiled by the Minnesota Department of Health. Investigators assessed the... more
Maine Lawmakers Moving Forward With Effort to Rewrite Voter-Approved Marijuana Law | NORML AUGUSTA, ME — Maine state lawmakers are moving forward with a legislative proposal to significantly amend various provisions of the state’s 2016 voter-approved cannabis law: The Marijuana Legalization Act.... more
Missouri Medical Marijuana Legalization Drive Reaches 200,000 Signatures | NORML COLUMBIA, MO — Proponents of a Missouri voter initiative effort to legalize and regulate the therapeutic use and distribution of cannabis statewide have surpassed 200,000 signatures. Advocates must collect a total of... more
Much has been made about the plummeting market value of cannabis grown outdoors in Oregon. This certainly isn’t a reflection of the product quality within the marketplace, but more closely attributable to the oversaturation of producers in this space. This phenomenon has similarities to that of ‘... more
Editor’s Note: This is an article submission from the EAS Consulting Group, LLC team. To Audit, or not to audit? Not even a question! Audits play a crucial role in verifying and validating business practices, ensuring suppliers are meeting their requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs... more
Sonoma County DA to Vacate Thousands of Past Marijuana Convictions | Paul Armentano SANTA ROSA, CA — The District Attorney’s Office for Sonoma County, California (population 502,000) is directing staff to review and vacate thousands of past marijuana convictions. County officials estimate that an... more
Rhode Island Marijuana Legalization Advocates Release New Report on Regulation for Adults | Marijuana Policy Project PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The Marijuana Policy Project and its local partner Regulate Rhode Island have released a new report entitled, “How should Rhode Island legalize marijuana: Asking... more
Support for Michigan Marijuana Legalization Initiative Tops 60% | Paul Armentano More than six in ten Michigan voters endorse a proposed statewide ballot initiative legalizing the adult use and sale of cannabis. According to polling data compiled by the EPIC-MRA polling research firm and... more
MPP Releases Report Card Grading Candidates for Governor in Maryland | Marijuana Policy Project ANNAPOLIS, MD — The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has released a voter guide that grades Maryland gubernatorial candidates strictly on their positions and statements about cannabis policy. The report... more
Albuquerque City Council Files Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession | Drug Policy Alliance ALBUQUERQUE, NM — On Monday, Albuquerque City Council members, Pat Davis and Isaac Benton, filed a new bill to remove criminal sanctions pertaining to possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia... more
Medical Marijuana Effective in Treating Symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Study Finds | Paul Armentano Cannabis therapy mitigates symptoms of the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia and is associated with a reduction in the use of other prescription drugs, according to clinical data published online ahead... more
Baton Rouge On Brink of Decriminalizing Marijuana | Drug Policy Alliance BATON ROUGE, LA — The East Baton Rouge Metropolitan City Council has voted 8-4 in favor of an ordinance to decriminalize marijuana in East Baton Rouge Parish, which includes the state capital of Baton Rouge. If Mayor-President... more
Study: Inhaled Cannabis Augments Analgesic Efficacy of Opiates | NORML NEW YORK, NY — The co-administration of inhaled cannabis and sub-therapeutic doses of oxycodone produces enhanced analgesic effects in human subjects, according to clinical trial data published in the journal ... more
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Federal Marijuana Prohibition | NORML NEW YORK, NY — A federal district court judge in Manhattan on Monday granted the government’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit that sought to challenge the constitutionality of cannabis’ prohibited status under federal law.... more
Medical Marijuana Access Doesn’t Encourage Teen Use, Studies Find | NORML NEW YORK, NY — The enactment of statewide laws regulating the use and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes is not associated with increased marijuana use among young people, according to a review of relevant studies... more
San Diego County Officials Move to Dismiss Thousands of Past Marijuana Convictions | NORML SAN DIEGO, CA — San Diego County officials in recent weeks have either reduced or vacated the convictions of several hundred past cannabis offenders. Their actions are similar to those recently announced by... more
Cannabis Access Consistently Linked With Lower Opioid Use: Studies | Paul Armentano Patients routinely reduce or eliminate their use of prescription opiates following the use of medical cannabis; two recently published studies reaffirm this relationship. In the first study, published by the... more
Racial Disparities Persist Among NYC Marijuana Possession Arrestees | Paul Armentano NEW YORK, NY — New York City police are continuing to disproportionately arrest African Americans and Latinos for minor marijuana possession violations, despite ongoing pledges from Mayor Bill de Blasio to halt the... more
Report Cards Grading State Cannabis Laws and Regulations Released | Americans for Safe Access WASHINGTON, DC — On Wednesday, the medical cannabis advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access released its annual report entitled “Medical Marijuana Access in the United States: A Patient-Focused... more
Maine Lawmakers Push to Rewrite 2016 Voter-Approved Marijuana Law | Paul Armentano AUGUSTA, ME — State lawmakers in Maine are moving forward with a legislative proposal to significantly amend various provisions of the state’s 2016 voter-approved cannabis law: The Marijuana Legalization Act. Members... more